"It's all been done before” is a lie; it hasn't been done by me, in my life, with my eyes, through my lens.

i grew up in minnesota, was educated as a lawyer there and now practice in denver, co.

As a deaf person, my survival has depended on learning to understand the silent, vague and ambiguous “photographs” that life still presents to me every day. similarly, the legal world is filled with shades of grey, justice seems arbitrary and, in any case, available only to those who can afford it. 

our lives are ambiguous – to pretend otherwise is to deceive ourselves. the need to categorize everything, to see everything as black and white, to erect ideologies that reject ambiguity, is the curse of our times. i try cut through that deceit - to photograph that vast space between knowing and guessing – that place where ambiguity lives.  

in my view, a photograph, if it be true, demands more than just beauty. it must hint at something important, pull back the curtain just a little, suggest that things might not be as they seem or even as we'd like them to be.